General Assembly

All member firms can make their voices heard at the General Assembly, which holds ordinary and extraordinary meetings. The articles of association also permit “universal” assemblies.

Governing Board

The Governing Board comprises

  • the Chair, who is elected by the General Assembly of the Association on a personal basis; and
  • six directors appointed by the General Assembly, three at the suggestion of consultancy firms and three at the suggestion of engineering firms.

Specific directors must be appointed personally to hold at least the posts of Deputy Chair, Secretary and Treasurer on the board.  The board must meet at least once a quarter and whenever required for the proper running of the activities of the association.

Areas of Authority

  1. To direct the ordinary business of the Association in line with instructions from the General Assembly, to which it is answerable.
  2. To propose programmes of action to the General Assembly, implement programmes already approved and report to the Assembly accordingly.
  3. To submit to the General Assembly for approval the inventory, annual report and final balance of the revenue budget for the previous year, and the budget estimates for the year to come.
  4. To call and draw up the agenda for ordinary and extraordinary meetings of the General Assembly.
  5. To deal with proposals or suggestions made by member firms and to adopt such measures as may be necessary in that regard.
  6. To place proposals before the General Assembly for the proper, effective defence of joint interests and to monitor compliance with agreements made.
  7. To place proposals before the General Assembly concerning the introduction and amount of the specific fees to be paid by member firms to fund the Association.
  8. To inspect the accounts and the mechanisms for collecting and making payments, without prejudice to the powers of the Treasurer, and to set in place such management control systems as it may deem necessary.
  9. To pass resolutions concerning the bringing of all manner of actions and appeals before any body and in any jurisdiction, and to answer for same at the next meeting of the General Assembly.
  10. To interpret the provisions of these articles and to close any loopholes herein, always in compliance with the legal regulations applicable to associations.
  11. To appoint a single expert as General Manager to handle ordinary management affairs, with such powers of representation as it may deem appropriate, and to revoke those powers.  The manager appointed will handle the job of secretary to the board, among other functions.
  12. Any others expressly indicated in these articles.

Governing Board


The Chair of the Association will act as its representative, implement resolutions passed by the Governing Board and the General Assembly and chair the meetings of both the said governing bodies.

Along with any others that may be delegated to him, the Chair will hold the following powers:

  1. To call and adjourn the meetings of the Governing Board and the General Assembly, to direct the discussions of both and to hold the casting vote in both should votes to be tied.
  2. To propose the activities plan of the Association to the Governing Board, and to promote and direct the tasks of the Association.
  3. To authorise validly agreed payments.
  4. To settle any urgent issues that may arise, and to report on same at the next Governing Board meeting.
  5. To represent the Association in all manner of acts and contracts and, subject to a resolution of the Governing Board, to grant powers of representation.
  6. To exercise authority in all areas delegated to him by express resolutions of the General Assembly, except those reserved exclusively for the Assembly itself.
  7. In general to carry out such initiatives and make such arrangements as he may see fit in defence of the interests that he represents, and to report accordingly to the next meeting of the Governing Board and the General Assembly.
  8. All other powers envisaged in these articles.

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