Sectoral Networking

  • Membership of governing bodies, committees and workgroups of AVIC gives us firsthand experience of the engineering and consultancy sectors.
  • AVIC operates as an ongoing meeting point for member firms, thus helping to forge a common working culture in pursuit of professional excellence and encouraging co-operation in distinctive, high value added projects.
  • AVIC provides members with access to and a spokesperson for dealing with organisations and bodies from different geographical areas.
  • AVIC promotes the sale of advanced services in various areas of the economy, on the international stage, in industry and/or in public authorities.


  • Promotional campaigns to improve the image and perception of the sector.
  • Representation and defence of the joint interests of the sector, seeking to assure the dignity of the profession.
  • Use of the AVIC brand image and code of professional ethics to raise the profile of firms, in view of their benchmark status.

Key Information

  • Preparation of the daily newsletter with information on it in processes and tenders published in various official journals, announcements of conferences, events and seminars, etc.
  • Compilation of tax legislation emphasising the main regulations that affect, or my effect, the economic activities of firms in the sector.
  • A user-friendly website with a members-only area containing information on the ordinary operations of AVIC and major documents relevant to the sector.

General services

  • Subsidised training for member firms, combining courses in common skills and in sector-specific expertise.
  • Participation in civil liability insurance schemes on advantageous terms for members.
  • Help in drawing up market, sectoral, snapshot type studies, etc.